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My Fair Lady


Eliza - Jori Gonzales

Professor Higgins - Rodger McDonald

Col. Pickering - David Cross

Mrs. Higgins - Charlotte French

Mrs. Pearce - Betsy Taloff

Freddy Eynsford-Hill - Alex Grambow

Alfred P. Doolittle - Brian McCann


Ensemble Tracks:

Jamie/Cockney Quartet (tenor) - Jeff Nauer

Harry/Cockney Quartet/Ambassador (bass) - Joe Alkire

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill/Ensemble - Marcia Gollober


Six Servants:  

Soprano - 1st Maid “Dance All Night”/Lady Boxington/Ensemble - Heather Smith-Jones

Soprano - 2nd Maid “Dance All Night”/Ascot/Ambassador’s Wife/Ensemble - Rebekah Nichols

Alto - Busker 3/ Angry Woman/Maid/ Flower Girl/Ascot/Ensemble - Jennifer Jastillana

Alto -  Queen of Transylvania/Maid/Mrs. Hopkins/Ascot/Ensemble - Lora Kennedy

Tenor - Cockney Quartet/Servant / Hoxton Man/Lord Boxington/Ensemble - Hugo Figueroa

Bass/Baritone - Servant/Zoltan Karpathy/Ascot/Ensemble - Spencer Alexander


Footman/Butler (Can add to Servant’s Chorus)/Policeman/Ascot/Ensemble - Tomas Eredia

Busker 1/Cockney Quartet/Selsey Man/Ascot/Ensemble - Gabe Moitoza

Busker 2/Bartender/Ascot//Ensemble -Veronica Jarboe

Doctor’s Wife/Ascot/Ensemble - Jennifer Goldman

Dr. Thermistocles Stephanos/Ascot/Ensemble - Scott Goldman